Download New Amibroker 6.2.0

Recently Amibroker released it's latest version 6.2.0 with more improvement. Added more feature, Analysis tools and upgrade looking too!

Let's know the new feature that added by Amibroker 6.2.0 recently:-

Featuring integrated Visual DebuggerMatrix arithmetic, hyper fast Monte Carlo simulator
* New Formula Editor with Code Snippets
* Layered Low-level Graphics
* Massively parallel Multi-Threaded Charting and Rendering
* New Multi-Threaded Analysis module
* Automatic Walk-Forward Testing
* New Ranking functions
Multi-monitor floating charts
* Symbol and interval linking
* Drag-and-dropindicator creation
* Industry fastest, multi-threaded unlimited-symbol True Portfolio-Level Backtesting and Optimization.
* Smart Evolutionary algorithms,scaling, market-neutral system support and multiple currency handling
* One-click setup and update of US stocks listing with sector and industry assignments
* Multiple Time-Frame support
* 3D optimization charts
* New Account manager, automated trading interface, Etc

How to download it free?
1. Subscribe to this blog
2. Click on the below DOWNLOAD link and wait 5 second
3. Click skip add (Upper right side corner of your monitor)
4. Get download link

5. For activation, please email me to:

EOD data export from Metatrader and Import to Amibroker

Follow the below instructions:

1. Open Meta Trader
2. Click Tools then History Center

3. Select time frame
4. Click Export and save it to anywhere in your computer
5. Open Amibroker
6. Setup database for Metatrader
7. Now import data normally

File>Import Wizard>Pick FIle>Next Finish

N.B: See the above picture carefully. Ticker have to change as per shown picture.

Enjoy Meta trading charting on Amibroker :)


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